Survey harga pakej bersalin hospital swasta dan pengalaman


Survey harga pakej bersalin hospital swasta dan pengalaman mereka yang telah bersalin dihospital swasta.

Top 5 hospital paling mahal di PJ & KL

1. Damansara Specialist Hospital

2. Pantai Medical Centre

3. Sunway Medical Centre

4. Subang Jaya Medical Centre

5. Assunta Hospital

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for me pusrawi corporatin sdn bhd is also not bad..

I agree that Damansara Specialist Hospital (DSH) is expensive. Am going to deliver my 1st baby there in 19 days time. The hospital & services by the nurses are good, but the charges are a bit high. I know because throughout my pregnancy, I was admitted 4 times to the hospital. But this is one of the hospitals which are encouraging EBF.

I heard that PUSRAWI charges are OK and services are not bad. If I am not mistaken, there is one in Kota Damansara. I only found out about it recently. Maybe I would try it there for my 2nd one.

u r rite julz

i deliver my 2nd daughter at PUSRAWI kota damansara and costing around rm1300..ok x?
good service..can give 4 star from 5

Kampung Baru Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur not bad too. Had caesarean, single room, 4 days. Only RM4.5k. Services really great.

Govt hospitals??? Only if u dont hv any other options! Its damn cheap but the downside are: 1) Usu. no single room ward 2) Your hb cant be with u in the labour room 3)You’ll be forced to breastfeed with or without’ll struggle if its your 1st time 4)Service is inferior 5) No post-natal check up appointment

I delivered my girl in Assunta about 3 years back and the total I spent was about RM1900+ for normal delivery. The price was inclusive of the nursery services. In my opinion, the price is much cheaper than most private hospitals and service from nurses where very good.

on top of that, I stayed in a single room
yeah DSH very expensive….my friend who had a C-section cos of some complications….her bill was RM12,000!!! My goodness….with that amount in some other hospitals U can deliver 11 or 12 babies la! SJMC is still good la in my opinion.
Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaysia.(PPUM)

Normal delivery,gave birth at 11 p.m, the next day, 3.00 pm i was discharged. Only RM550. The service also good but you must beware, the are so many practicals students (including my secondary school junior)that time. If you don’t want them, say it..
But my experience, they are not that bad, but their handling style is not as smooth as the Dr. (i.e-their ’sewing’)
DSH is expensive as i had my 1st baby there, it cost around rm4k+ as compared to APSH which cost me less than 3k, both normal delivery. but the service at DSH is better where the nurses come to check every now and then after delivery. the downside was i had a very severe pain after delivery (like another contraction, nurses came to take out or rather korek for blood clots. can u imagine u just had episiotomy/stiches then the nurse put her fingers inside u to take out the blood clots..don’t know why i had that pain after birth bcos it’s my 1st experience, or it’s the doctor negligent not to make sure there were no blood clots
pantai is quite expensive. i’m going to deliver there soon. i’ve check the price, for normal delivery it takes about 3k. but the expensive ones is c-section. minimum 6k with no complication and guess wat, is 4 bedded.

DEMC S.Alam. I delivered my 2nd n 3rd child there.. very satisfied with the service. price quite reasonable
alamak.. im planning to deliver our no 7 at DSH this coming july. now i have my doubts.. hmmm.. altho our past 6kids delivered normally with no complications, sometimes u know, private hospital will purposely do a c-section cause the cost is higher!

and i would like to correct most people’s perception on govt hospitals. i too, long time ago was afraid to deliver at gov hospitals. no1,2&3 were delivered at private hospitals – 2 in kl, 1 in johor. when i was preggy with no4, my hubby was then working with selayang hospital in their IT dept. so naturally, the easiest would be to deliver there. that was year 2004. and boy was i in for a big surprise!

the service was excellent! i didnt take the 4 bedded room cause i prefer to be around people, so i took the normal ward. delivery was smooth, hubby’s are encouraged to see the whole process. the doctors & nurses were nice. food was ok. i really have nothing to complaint about. and guess what, it only cost a total of rm60 (rm20 for delivery, rm10×2 for warded for 2 days and rm20 for equipments etc (usually if no complications, u only hv to stay for a night, but my baby had blood type O-ve, so need to monitor in case of jaundice).

same goes for no 5 & 6. both at selayang hospital with no issues. i heard some people complaint bout the service, so i guess im just lucky? in my opinion, if one are nice, not demanding/fussy & being co-operative, one will get the same treatment too! coz i saw the same nurse & doc who were being nice to me, were quite harsh on some other patient, bcoz they were difficult & non co-operative (eg. refused to let the doc check the vagina after delivery, calling the nurses every now and then saying that they are going to deliver soon, where as they are not, those kind of things etc).

to me, i guess, partially it depends on fate/ luck? coz i’ve heard friends with bad experience at private hospitals too.
WOW Mum of 7! How do U manage? So cheap the government hospitals. Can save alot of money leh.

mommie.. im working btw,with an audit firm. contraceptive doesnt work on me. i’ve tried depoprovera, marvelon,iucd, yasmin- all to no avail. and my gynae didnot allow me to tie-up the tube coz i’m still young & too fertile, so its quite dangerous- chances of conceiving in the fallopian tube is high. so this time around, going to try mirina. hope it works  we wanted 7 anyways, but didnt plan the gap to be this close. but so far so good.

to me, no matter anywhere you give birth, the pain is still the same (unless u take epidural la – i didnt take any,not even once btw). and im the type who just do it all out to get it over done with & try to tahan the pain- it really depends on your breathing & your mind.

but fyi, a scary incident happened to my neigbour who delivered in sg buloh hospital eraly this year. she was supposed to undergo a c sec. during the 1st jap of anesthetic, she didnt feel numb, then she was given another,still not numb, then another one. so the doc figured that 3 should be enuf, and went and “cut” her la. she yelled in pain cause she still not numb yet! so they gave her the gas. scary isnt it?! huhuhu..

anyways, after hearing the feedbacks on DSH, im thinking of switching to SJMC. Does anyone has Dr Delaila’s clinic no/ address? would appreciate it very much! thx!
well.. i tink all those cost abt $3K is not v.expensive if for a KL private hospital as I delivered my baby in Seremban Specialist hospital and it cost me (normal with epidural) about $3K plus and my epidural came off cos i was allergic to the chemical in it and was scratching a lot and the anesthetian doctor refused to put it back (it was 4am and he needs to drive to hospital) and was told that re-insertion of epidural will lead to high risk of spinal bone infection, found out from 2 other specialist that it’s nonsense… some doctor with high morale hey… his name is abdul something.. beware.. !!
i gave birth at SJMC, and i think the services are excellent!! foods also yummy!
deezedd, aiyoh that poor neighbour of yours. She must be in shcok & trauma la….what a BAD experience. Hope she recovered ok from it.
An Nur hospital in Bangi… good service, experience gynea and paed, price reasonable…

May 29th, 2008 | 1:25 pm
I gave birth at SMC (Selangor Medical Centre) Sec.20 Shah Alam. Price reasonable. Good service. Very satisfied.
My cousin have bad experience with gov hospital. I bcoz of that I will not go to gov hospital, doesn’t matter what happen to me.
Child no.1 UMSC 5 days around RM5k (vacuum + epidural + some complication thereafter + baby phototherapy due to jaundice)

Child no.1 UMSC 3 days around RM3k (normal with pethadine jab)

No complaints. Gynae’s good (The same gynae that does your ante-natal checks…). Stitches nicely (been told several times by different nurses who did post natal checks), midwives and nurses checks regularly, one room per patient, husband can stay in with wife at all times, help and assistance during labour given (when to push etc)

Nursery and paeditrician’s care very good, nurses will check upon you if they hear your newborn crying non-stop and offer to take care for you and let you rest / sleep

Food – ok lah.

Drawbacks – not much promotion on exclusive breastfeeding. mother must request and insist not too feed newborn with formula …but if you wish to bf, they’ll teach you.
Mama Mira:
I delivered my baby at Pusrawi Kota Damasara (2006)…. Its single room but they provide another bed for my husband (so 2 bedded la). 2 days 2 nights & Normal and only cost me RM1700.00
Delivered my baby at SJMC last Feb. I had epidural, vacuum and single room. Total bill is RM 4k. My gynae is Dr Siti.
If you are looking for the best doctors and specialists in the Klang Valley, they are at UMMC. My ob/gyn who is in (a popular) private practice said even she would go there if she was having twins/special case because they have the best doctors there and cases from private hosp often get referred there. If your pregnancy is complicated or the docs at your private hosps cannot handle the complications that arise during labour, they will send you to UMMC. Even UMSC patients are sent to UMMC if there are complications. The downside are the trainees, but they are strictly not allowed to handle serious procedures including c-sections, and specialists are present at all times for all deliveries including normal deliveries. But you have the options to refuse them, though not many people know that.

They currently don’t allow hubbies in the delivery room to protect privacy of other women delivering at the same time. We can expect this if we only pay around RM500 for delivery. However, they are now completing a new maternity wing where it’s more spacious and husbands will be allowed in. GH allows husbands in though.

Mom of 3, I would like to correct your opinion of post-natal checkups. I don’t know abt other govt hosp, but UMMC has one of the most thorough post-natal checkups. My sister delivered twice there but with her first baby she went Sunway for post natal checkup. In UMMC they checked her child from head to toe and arranged for follow-ups as well.

Normal checkups at UMMC is RM6, RM20 for ultrasound and for delivery starts from RM500. My friend who delivered twins there via ceasarean (she was referred to UMMC from KJMC) was billed RM1,100. Stayed 3 days. She got her own room (twins considered special case) and the nurse took care of her twins in turn throughout the night. I imagine her bill would be over RM10k at private practice, but if you got the money, nothing wrong for wanting special treatment.
Pusat Rawatan Az-Zahrah Bangi. The doctor was fantastic. initially (when i was 2 months pregnant, i went to 2 other hospitals coz i had some complications) but then i went to Az-Zahrah Bangi for a 3rd opinion. The doctor was fantastic so i continued there until delivery. Great doctor, great nurses, great food. cost me only Rm1500 (biggest room). I wish i could get pregnant again so i can visit the same doctor again.
SMC Shah Alam not bad,normal 1 day package only cost u abt 2k,service very good,doc siti is da best. Just wanna advised you guyz do not go to a small private maternity clinic or hosp for your 1st pregnancy. My friend died after she gave birth at the small maternity hosp due to she got bleeding and the hosp did not have enough equipment and staff to handle her and she was sent to the govt hosp nearby but she died on the way to the hosp.So please ensure that you don’t go to the small private hospital (meaning the shoplot hospital)for your first preggy coz we might have a lot or nor complication during give birth.If for normal check-up ok la..but if for delivery and the budget pun just ok..better go to govt hosp..govt hosp nowdays pun not bad what..
i deliver in hukm. very cheap only rm 450. i deliver at 7 am tomorrow at 1pm i already discharge. however u have to manage on your own. i have to breastfeed and taking care of your own baby. luckily my baby did not cry so i have less complication. u have t send the baby to nursery room in order to let the nurse to clean the baby. however if you go to private then they will ask you to stay longer. but the food…..very bad. mee kari for breakfast..can you imagine after giving birth eating mee kari..
just call SJMC direct line..the’ll connect u to Dr. Delaila…

I gave delivered at SJMC last Dec 07, gynae Dr.Siti, no epidural, just induce, 3D 2 N single room almost RM3.4K… but i must warn u guys..consultation fees in SJMC varies from one dr. to another..Dr. Siti is the cheapes but has the longest ever Q..
UMSC drs are actually UMMC specialists/consultants doing part time after office hours. U’ll be warded in UMMC though – not sure if the new UMSC building is ready (btw, hv u seen UMMC’s maternity ward?!) The consulation cost is slightly lower than upmarket pvt hospitals.
Hello people.

I left my comments here on May 20th at 11.43am, told u guys that I am expecting my 1st baby in 19 days time at DSH.
Well guess wht? I gave birth on May 20th itself at 10.15pm! I went for my weekly chk-up in the afternoon. My doc found out tht I hv pre-eclampsia. A combination of both high blood pressure & high protein in urine.
To cut the story short, I had to undergo an emergency C-sect. I was warded in a double bedded room. And my stay was for 3D/2N. Total bill was 8k++.
Service was excellent. OT went well. Had a bikini line cut and the stitches were done very well & fine. But the doc put me on a liquid diet, the soup were nice. Food wise no complains frm my experience being warded at DSH 4 times during pregnancy.
They encourage rooming-in of mother & baby, and the nurses will come to chk & guide on breastfeeding.
Charges for post-natal chk up also varies. For the first 5 months I was with a different gynae. Then mid-way I changed to a different gynae – her charges are cheaper compare to the 1st gynae.
Personally I still think DSH is pricey.
Hi again.

I have to say that UMSC patients are warded in UMSC. The building is called ‘Menara Timur’. For deliveries, patients will be admitted to the Lily Wad in a one patient per room. The room is quite large and patients will give birth at that room itself, without being transferred to a dedicated ‘Labour Room’. I find this very comforting. There is also a sofa which can be converted into a bed. Anyway, once you have delivered, they might transfer you to a smaller room is someone else need to use the big room.

UMMC’s ‘Wad Bersalin’ is in another building.

For clinical ante and post natal checks, it is in a different building entirely, located next to the UM’s arch gate. They used to have it at the same place as UMMC. Now, with their new ‘clinic’, its much better, more parking spaces (RM3 per entry), more comfortable.

It’s a good place if one wishes to have a private hospital kind of treatment but with a teaching hospital’s facilities.

Gave birth in UMSC years 2006, 2007 and insya’allah 2008.

plz shed some light here..umsc is a considered govt or private hosp?how do we approach them for check ups and perhaps, delivery?any restrictions as to what area u come from, like some govt hosp ke?

saya tgh survey hosp2 kat kl, esp govt hosp should i be delivered in kl..coming Nov.

tqvm for ur advice.

June 6th, 2008 | 3:23 pm

Nurul, I am no expert on UMSC, just a patient who has been delivering her babies twice and insya’allah for the third time there…(so currently I’ve been going there for my periodic ante-natal checks)

Anyway, what I know, UMSC stands for University Malaya Specialist Hospital. Thus, only specialists will attend to the patients. UMMC stands for University Malaya Medical Centre.

UMSC is considered as a private hospital. For first timers, we need to register ourselves. My experience was that it was much easier to go to UMSC for the first time for registeration etc.

After we are registered, we will have the necessary check-ups and delivery with our preferred specialist.

I do not have the answer on the restrictions.

Wishing you the best of luck with your hospital search.

June 10th, 2008 | 8:41 am
Hi Niasulaiman,

Who’s your gynae at UMSC? How much does it cost to deliver @ UMSC? Wad Lily tingkat berapa ye?

June 10th, 2008 | 7:54 pm
Hi Mum_of_3

My gynae at UMSC – Prof Siti Zawiyah
Cost of delivery at UMSC – see posting 30 May 2008
Wad Lily – 1oth Floor of Menara Timur.

Hope that helps

June 11th, 2008 | 9:11 am
thanks niasulaiman. u’ve been of great help.

June 13th, 2008 | 9:58 am
My 1st baby was delivered at SMC, Shah Alam with Dr. Siti. Had emergency ceaserean, cost about RM4.5K. The service was very good. My 2nd baby was delivered at SJMC, Subang Jaya with different Dr. Siti. Normal delivery, took petidin (a pain killer), afraid to take epidural cause quite expensive. It cost me around RM2.5K. Dr. Siti is a good doctor but I prefer service from SMC than SJMC. Agree with Mystical, Dr. Siti, SJMC check up usually very long Q but worth waiting, i guess.

June 13th, 2008 | 4:10 pm
I delivered my first baby at Taman Desa Medical Centre with my Gynae Dr. Loo last year. She is a very patient doctor. I have a normal delivery with induce and vacumm. I was not able to open up to 10cm although the estimated time after induce was over. I only open up to 8-9cm. Therefore, Dr. Loo has to cut me and use vacumm to help me. The sewing was nice and I think because of big cut, it takes about 15 minutes. Can’t recall, I remember vividly I keep on chit chat with her when she do sewing. She told me she slightly want to put me to c-sec because I try for long time and not yet success. Most of the midwife and nurses in the labour room not expected I can make it (normal delivery). But lastly, I make, she was surprise on that. Overall, I happy with the service there. I insist breastfeed my baby. The nurses bring my baby to me in the mid night for breastfeeding. After that they take care for me in the nursery. My bill for 3 days 2 nights is RM3400. Normal check up for Dr. Loo start from RM60. Anyway, she always in a long Q everyday.

June 14th, 2008 | 3:36 pm
Hi, I delivered my son in May 2007 at UMSC and have nothing but praise for the medical staff there.

Like mum_of_3, I was put in a single room and found the fact that I would be delivering there (instead of being transferred somewhere else) very comforting. My husband was allowed to be present the whole time, in fact, at one point, my in-laws came in as well (a fact I was not too happy about actually!  )

My gynae, Dr Paul Tay, was very good, and kept me calm throughout. I received stitches but they were done up nicely. The nurses who attended to me were supportive and cheerful, something you really appreciate when in labour. After giving birth, I was given assistance with breastfeeding (since this was my first child). My baby was kept in the nursery a lot to give me time to rest, but whenever I was awake, they would wheel my baby in to my room so I could spend time with him.

One thing I notice about UMSC medical staff is that they try to keep the labour as natural as possible i.e. they discourage the use of epidurals, encourage vaginal delivery. I believe that their philosophy is the less unnecessary medical intervention, the better. You can still opt for epidurals etc, just that it’s not shoved in your face as an option ever so often.

Anyway, I ended up staying in UMSC for 5 days as my son had bad jaundice. Total bill for my delivery and hospital stay including UV photolight therapy for my son and paed charges came up to RM3500. I thought it was reasonable seeing as I was attended to with such care.

I’m now pregnant again with my second baby, and wish I could go to UMSC. Alas, I’ve moved house now and trying to get something closer to home.

June 16th, 2008 | 11:37 am
Hi Moms,

I had my baby at KJMC end of last year. I was a week overdue, and had induced labour. Alas, there were complications and I had to go for emergency c-sect.

My gynae, Dr Fatima was excellent. She’s rather popular there so there’s usually a long Q to see her for chkups. During labour she was calming and makes decisions quickly (no delays)–something you’ll appreciate when you’re having intense contractions.. hehe. Her stitches are good, and it healed preddy fast. And throughout the c-sect she chatted with me so I don’t feel too overwhelmed. Big lights in ur eyes tend to do that.

That said, the post-labour care could’ve been better. Though the nurses were nice, the midwives are a tad too abrupt and “garang” for me. Dunno, maybe i was hoping for a lil bit of understanding since it was my 1st time in labour and didn’t know squat abt anything! After 2 days in the hosp, they forgot to give me meds and they really don’t promote early breastfeeding at all. I had to request for my baby everytime.

The total amt we paid was about RM6k. That includes the induce, the emergency c-sect, the nursery, the 3D 2N stay in the premium room (not too sure of the name, but its bigger and better than a single room) coz there were no single rooms left and my hubby wanted to stay in the hosp with me, AND the lousy food. Superdry piece of plywood meat with black sauce is called grilled beef. Seriously.

Anywayz, i would highly recommend Dr Fatima, and if you’re not very fussy about the post-labour care, then KJMC is perfect for you. Pls note that they are doing some renovations right now so it’ll prolly affect the room quality. To mom-to-bes… Good luck in hospital hunting!

June 17th, 2008 | 6:25 pm
I delivered my first child in UMSC. I was introduced by my fren commenting on the excellent services when she had her delivery.

I started visiting UMSC since i was 3 months pregnant. My monthly consultation bill was RM120. Of course there will be scanning, urine test and etc. The process of waiting for your turn was quite long as the chairs are not at comfort and it the air cond was too cold. Description counter not organise, they made mistake distrubuting medicines. They gave me steroids instead of vitamin pills. Thats scary! Luckily I was aware of it.

My gynae was Prof Eugene Leong. He was good. He took good care of me. I had C-section coz i didn’t dilate and my water bag broke. Baby was stressed so we had emergency op.

I was on full anasthetic so no pain at all. I had some fibroid and the doc helped me to remove.

I was warded in Lily ward, one bed room. My hubby stayed with me. Food was not fantastic but the nurses were ok. They did check up on and off. Sad to say they didn’t encourage neither thought me to breast-feed. They should stress on this.

My son had jaundice so he had to stay over and I was discharged. Quite sad. My bill came up to 7600 and my son’s bill for the UV light and etc was 1300. Total was RM8600

June 20th, 2008 | 2:17 pm
1st time mom:
I delivered last Dec at Pantai Bangsar. Price is ok, but had a very bad experience there.

(1) I vomited on the floor and chair during my labour and when the cleaner came in to clean, she use the mop to clean the floor and the chair too. BAD HYGIENE….
(2) I stayed in a single room and needed help, pressed the call button and the nurse only appear after more than 20 minutes later. BAD SERVICE…
(3) One of the nurse thought me how to use the medicine (look like dettol, not sure what is it called) to wash my stitches wound. She actually advice me to soak in the medicine with water once a day. Did that at home and my stitch wound worsen, causing me to cant walk and sit properly. Later only found out that i shouldn’t use it to soak…. BAD STAFF…

My doctor is good, but definitely not going back to Pantai Bangsar. My sister also delivered at Pantai Bangsar 3 months before me but she does not encounter any of the above. Maybe its my luck….

June 20th, 2008 | 3:15 pm
wow….looks like many are recommending the UMSC….funny most ppl I met never talked about giving birth there….always the top 5 mentioned. DSH,Sunway,pantai,SJMC..

June 24th, 2008 | 9:02 am
i had my 1st son 2 kjmc in 2002, everything went out okay for me. later i was informed that out of 6 babies that night.. five were delivered via c-sect. throughout pass 6years i’ve seen many of my relatives and friends had to do c-sect too…

June 24th, 2008 | 9:49 pm
i had my 2nd and 3rd son at Gombak Medical Centre, once called al-ilaaj. They let your hubby in for the delivery if you want to and if you came in too early but your baby isn’t going to come out soon, they’ll discharge you with no fees.
For my 3rd chld, I came in in the afternoon but only delivered my son early morning the next day. I stayed for another day and was disharged with fees of staying 2 days one night at rm1k. The room I had was a 2 patients room with attached bathroom.
GMC delivery rooms are only run by muslim women but other race are welcomed there

June 25th, 2008 | 9:58 am
I have the unfortunate luck to deliver in a gov hosp 3rd class. It was my 1st n I didnt know there are diff class in gov hosp. I came in thru ER at 4 am but only sakit in the evening that day.
The nurse come to round only twice a day and one patient, I think underage moans all day but no one bothered to look at her. Poor thing, the nurse only come to scold her.
When my labour become intense, I had to walk all the way to the nurse room which was about 50m (there was no bell to ring) to tell them I’m ready.
Then after delivery, they whisked away the baby to baby’s room which is few blocks way. Never saw the baby after 24hours which by then refuse breast milk.
After labour, the post exam of the vagina is like walking thru lines of butchered animal; you need to walk yourself to the doc room, lie on the bed, one quick peek, there you done…. quick but very rough, very painful…. and they left you there bleeding without knowing anything they’ve done or what to do next.

I vow never to come back to gov hosp for delivery…. ever

June 27th, 2008 | 10:03 am
Hospital Bersalin Subang Permai or rather it’s actually a clinic. RM900 for normal delivery. Mine was a Ceaserean RM3.4k.

June 30th, 2008 | 2:51 pm
I’m mother of three
I had the 1st one at pusrawi Kota damanasara
my gyne was doc zul and he is good
2d1n rm1800 +petidine single room
the 2nd one is a twins
hukm private wings Superb
the charges only 3300rm for normal del
including epidural
nurses really good
my doc is really great prof zaleha
but yet to mentioned she is really long Q
the room is super single room
its really big n clean also

July 1st, 2008 | 4:50 am
I gave birth at DSH just 6 months ago. 3D2N, induced, epidural & vacuum delivery – final bill RM3.8k. I must say I am very satisfied with their service & most importantly I get to breastfeed my baby during 1st hour! DSH really is breastfeeding friendly hospital. My obgyn is great too – Dr Neoh. My monthly consultation fee is less then RM100 (admin fee which is compulsory each visit – RM5 + doc’s consultation + ultrasound + multivitamins + iron supplement). Nurses & midwives are ok too. After comparing my final bill with a few friends, I found mine reasonable.

July 2nd, 2008 | 10:12 am
Still browsing around the best n nearest hospital in klang valley…any comment on Sunway Medical Centre?

July 3rd, 2008 | 4:25 pm
shiela….aiyo…what an experience…which hospital was that? My goodness… can U walk after delivery? Thank God u survived.

July 3rd, 2008 | 7:03 pm
mommie…. i give you a hint- a gov hosp in jb…. yeah, I’m glad I survived that too and have 2 more kids….. maybe that was the 3rd class treatment for poor people. I heard in 1st class they treat the patients differently.

July 9th, 2008 | 10:46 am
if u r around cheras, u can try to see Dr. Edmund Lai in Pantai Medical Centre cheras. he got his own clinic in tmn pertama, same row with kfc. cheras specialist maternity centre. if u cannot come to the hospital during the day, can go to the clinic during nite. but i suggest you to go there on other days than monday because if not u haf to wait for 1-2 hours. price r around rm60-80. can do lah. klinik bersalin bdr tun razak also cheap. around rm50 to see doctor n scan etc.

July 16th, 2008 | 6:18 pm
i had mine 1st child delivered at sunway by Dr Wong Yat Mei in 2004. i had c-section, GA, 4 bedded for 3D2Ns with a total bill of RM5K. i’m currently 5 months pregnant & plan to go back to sunway since i was quite a satisfied patient from my last visit. since the gap is almost 4 yrs now, does anybody know if the services had improve/worsen? otherwise, i might consider going to DSH..

August 1st, 2008 | 2:06 pm
Now I know why one cousin of mine so proud to mention she delivered in Sunway Med, cos it’s 1 of the top 5 expensive! But what she’s proud about I dunno, considering she took epidural and C-sect.

Damansara is memang expensive, not just for obstetrics. Don’t think even good service can justify over charging.

I never fancied Assunta considering the building looks so old fashioned but the charges so high, though this hospital recently got expansion. Wouldn’t go to a hospital that is undergoing major construction works though if it was me.

Had a friend admitted to Selayang (govt)hospital for head stitches and was immediately discharged after stitching. He felt pain then on his own went to Damansara Specialist and found out some area not stitched. He stayed one night good service but was charged several thousands for such a small job.

August 6th, 2008 | 5:37 pm
Dr. Tang is popular(Taman Desa Med Cent) but the queue so long, you may have to wait for 2 hours.

For me, paying for private service I don’t see why I should have to wait like that when there is another doc available (even if he is not as popular).

Sometimes I wonder why some more popular, usually it is females (there’s Dr. Siti from SJMC). Is it cos of the more assuring way they communicate during consultation?

I have consulted 2 docs before, both guys and I admit their style of communicating less assuring in comparison to lady gynae(I consulted with 1 lady before). But I delivered with the same male doc and no problem at all.(My stitches healed about completely in 1 week). I think what matters is the skill.

August 6th, 2008 | 5:44 pm
I delivered in Dr Chan klinik Wanita in 2006 at Mentakab, Pahang.
1. Injection to lessen pain(but this doc don do epidural)
2. Got induce, I think (I delivered in 3 hours’ time)

Good treatment and nurses. I didn’t have to do anything myself like washing wound done by nurse. Other moms in the same room, separated by curtains. Hubby went into labour room also.

No vacuum. Baby got first injections of course. Total RM1000 nett. Now I heard increase to RM1500.

August 6th, 2008 | 5:52 pm
All the short forms, at least put in once the name of hospital in the posting la. Like KJMC. Why not say Kelana Jaya at least.

August 6th, 2008 | 5:54 pm
Anyone heard of Dr Ruby from Jalan Ipoh? One friend’s wife delivered there at RM1500 normal but only nurses no doc to deliver. Got such thing ah?

August 6th, 2008 | 5:56 pm
I can’t help seeing a trend of C-sects in private hospitals so I think some private docs are not ethical enough. I believe if you ask them they will say risk factor? (How justified?)

August 6th, 2008 | 5:59 pm
Professors seem to appear in government hospitals. Is it better if the gynae is a prof?

August 6th, 2008 | 7:00 pm
UMMC sounds good and cheap, must consider. Sounds highly recomended to me

August 6th, 2008 | 7:01 pm
But are the babies delivered by docs in UMMC and are docs the ones who do the stitching up? (I heard poor stitching delays the healing of the wound).

August 7th, 2008 | 3:08 pm
I delivered my first baby at UMMC. My doc was Dr. Aizura – very nice, she even drove to the hospital to deliver my baby although she was on leave!

UMMC was okay, but it was my first time delivering a baby and I felt very stressful because after delivery, nobody -not even my mother was allowed to accompany my at the maternity ward. I was in labour pain for 36 hours so can you imagine how tired I was after the delivery, I couldn’t even reach for my inhaler and glasses on the nearby table, and the nurses took some time to get to me after I’ve pressed the button. They encourage breastfeeding and ‘independence’, cannot ‘manja-manja’. But I wont encourage UMMC if you’re delivering you first child because of their post-natal care effect on the mother(babies are not effected).

Of course there are some medical students around, but you can request not to have them around if you don’t want to. After my delivery, there was one male student at the labour room and the nurse passed to me my baby for breastfeeding. Since it was my first child I have no idea how to breastfeed, naturally. So I asked the student how to breastfeed since my baby is not sucking. He went blushing red! Hahahah hah ambik ko nak sangat tengok.

August 7th, 2008 | 10:46 pm
My second child was delivered at Assunta Hospital. I wanted to deliver my baby at UMSC, but since my gynea Dr. Paul Tay moved to Assunta I just followed him there because I like him very much. He’s very gentle and professional. At first I had some doubt because Assunta is such an old hospital, but inside the facilities are not bad. The nurses were great and the food was so yummy. My bill was around RM1.3K if I’m not mistaken, it was not more than RM2K. I wouldn’t hesitate to deliver at Assunta again.

August 7th, 2008 | 10:52 pm
By the way, has anybody delivered her baby at PRINCE COURT HOSPITAL?

I heard the hospital is like a hotel; they even have a bell boy and they provide robes, slippers etc. I wonder how much it would cost…my favourite doctor might be going there soon.

August 7th, 2008 | 10:56 pm
Needa, you delivered your bb at Assunta for around RM1.3K or even under RM2K? Are you sure? If so, was it because you took the package?

If you qualified for the package that means all natural la? Like no induction, water bag broke by itself, etc. (Practically means they don have to do anything) (I wonder how many qualify for package)

August 8th, 2008 | 2:57 pm
i am really happy found this blog. how come i don’t know this blog earlier. :droolll:

i delivered my 1st bb at Govt. Hospital, bcoz it is just few steps away from my mom’s house. My experience? dunno whether it was bad or not. the food was okay, my hubby can be in the deliver room..

but what i remember most was, when my labor become intense, i rang a bell for the nurse to check, but she said “biasa la tu, anak first”. Then i tak tahan, rang a bell again after 5 minutes later, then i asked them to check my vagina, it already opened 8cm! Kelam kabut, the nurses pushed me together with my bed.

at the delivery room (1am), 5 or 6 nurses dunno come from nowhere come to watch me, macam tgk wayang. i was been scolded by the paed and the nurses because dunno how to push.(1st baby, no experience, of course la)..thank god my hubby was there. “i just about want to punch the nurses’ faces” that was what my hubby said to me. hehe.

After delivery, i got terrible bleeding. 1st in the morning, i have to sent my baby on my own to the bathroom about 100 meter away from my bed. i was bleeding all the way to the bathroom, there were plenty of my blood drops all along the way to the bathroom and nobody care. the bed is too high, have to panjat and lompat for turun. Every time i wanted to go off the bed, tumpah darah. and again, no body care, even told the nurse, they didnt come to see me. only the cleaner asked about my condition when she wanted to clean my blood. is it normal?? i dun think so..

thank god, nothing bad happen to me and the baby. but what the best thing is, my baby was always with me all the time. They really encourage to bf. and no doubt, it is really great experience..

coz, i heard, my frenz was delivered her bb in a private hspl. after deliver, they just give the bb formular milk without asking her, she want to bf or not… it such a waste..

August 9th, 2008 | 11:36 pm
Hi Jess
I’m not aware of any ‘package’ deal at Assunta because I didn’t take any. I went there purely because I followed my doctor. Yes Jess it was BELOW RM2K. I got a jab to reduce pain (not sure what it’s called, but it’s not epidural), they also gave me gas and the doctor had to break my waterbag. I stayed at the hospital for one and a half day. Felt soo pampered compared to delivering my first baby at a government hospital…macam nak meroyan aje rasa beranak kat UH…

August 11th, 2008 | 3:38 pm
That’s why la I told my hubby – selagi takde duit nak bersalin kat private, selagi I tak nak get pregnant  . The minute we found that we were pregnant, we set aside some money every month so that I can deliver in private hosp. I have no regret. Baby blues also not so much because I didn’t ’suffer’ much hehehe

August 11th, 2008 | 3:41 pm
Jess: Aiyark.. jgnla mare… most moms here figure that readers will know what abbreviation means which hospital. Yes, KJMC means Kelana Jaya Medical Centre. If you cant figure out which hospital it is, try searcing in google. Im preddy sure u can find it easy peasy.

And about the delivery “packages”… Dont be too easy to believe these so-called package deals. My friend who delivered in Pantai Hospital in Cheras wanted to take one of the packages, but when she spoke to her gynae about it, the doc actually told her its cheaper to not take the package.. and after calculating the bill, it turns out the doc was right. Besides, every delivery is different, and as much as we want to stay true to the “package” or the ideal delivery we want, we might not get it. My advice is to not have high expectations on which mode of delivery u want, purely to avoid too much disappointment when u cant get what u want in the end. U should just hope for the best, a smooth delivery and a healthy baby.

Lissa: Hehe. So nice ur hubby being so protective. Mmg some nurses just lack the bedside manners that patients rightfully deserve. My sister in-law’s nurses was chit chatting away with her friends while stitching her up.. and even rested her arm on her already tired leg!! Imagine the nerve of that nurse.. huhu.

August 11th, 2008 | 5:34 pm
Believe it or not…this topic gathered d most hits by us ladies. So delivery IS a big thing to us, huh? To think of all d time spent on planning n researching for a gud gynae/hospital….

Well, I’m guilty as charged…gave birth to both my sons at DSH. Very expensive no doubt….n I guess it kinda contributed to our decision to not have anymore kids…among ather things lah…..hahhahahha

August 11th, 2008 | 10:17 pm
i delivered both of my girls in seremban gh, but thinking of delivering my number 3 in a private hospital this time.. teringin gak nak try.. hehehe

but i’m still looking for the right hospital which can provide me good service with the cheapest price.. can anyone share their experience delivering in other seremban private hospital? i’ve read seremban specialist review on top? what about columbia asia?

thxs to all!

August 22nd, 2008 | 11:55 am
Needa, very hard to believe u. When did u deliver n which doc?

If can deliver under RM2k at Assunta without having to qualify for any package, I no need to consider oredi. I go strait there.

Needa, gimme some details. If really can, my hubby must agree dat I am a very resourceful wife (haha!).

August 28th, 2008 | 2:21 pm
Jess, I delivered 5 months ago under Dr.Paul Tay (very handsome doc  , but I’m not sure whether he’s still there or not because I think he might move to Prince Court. Sana definitely won’t get Assunta price la…
I stayed at Fatimah room if I’m not mistaken because their single rooms near the nursery are full. You can try asking the hospital about the normal rate. Good luck!

August 28th, 2008 | 5:12 pm
Needa, I will be delivering under Dr. Paul Tay as well soon. How was your experience with him???

September 2nd, 2008 | 11:30 am
hi sonia, couldn’t help seeing that you mentioned you’re under dr paul tay right now. is he with umsc still or has he moved to prince court already? and yes, i have to agree with needa, he’s really rather cute!

September 18th, 2008 | 12:19 pm
Hi happymoonbeam,Dr. tay is no longer with umsc. Currently he is at Prince Court Medical Center and Assunta Hospital. Yes, I suppose he is rather cute. So if you are the shy type, stay clear of him!

September 18th, 2008 | 1:38 pm
Hi happymoonbeam, Can I enquire whether Dr. Tay gave you an episiotomy, or was it a natural tear? Did you receive an epidural as well? I’ll be opting for a natural delivery and would like some feedback on his style. Thanks in advance!

September 18th, 2008 | 1:47 pm
i pon 2x bersalin kat KBMC. 1st with Dr. Norlida n 2nd with Dr. Rosilawati. I mmg puas hati with d service.

September 18th, 2008 | 4:44 pm
Waa..just discovered this website and i really love this topic..I’ve delivered my 1st baby in gov hospt. In fact it’s a semi gov hospt- in Putrajaya.I had my labor pain for 36hours- just like Needa. I kind of regret going there coz of the treatment i got.. They should have offered me the epidural..but gov hospt won’t give u any..(they gave pethadine and ethonox which make me nausea) and thus I am still having the labor pain phobia..
After giving birth at 5.30pm (induced and vacuum), they took almost 20 minutes to stitch me up, and my baby was not really clean..theres a lot of dried blood on his hair. Later that night, around 11pm my baby passed his first stool…and cried. I asked for a help as I am extremely tired..36hours is really long for labor pain..and guess what..the nurse scold me for being sooooo spoiled..she asked me to do it all by myself.
Only the next day they teach me how to breastfeed my son..(very rude as if to say why am I so stupid..don’t know how to breastfeed). What do you expect? Its my first baby!!..Swear to god I am only going to private after this. What I can conclude here..Theres a lot of negative comment whenever it comes to Government Hospital. The positive one are there but very rare..

September 19th, 2008 | 2:24 pm
Eza: cost me rm800 (2 bedded room+induce+pethadine+ethonox+vacuum)
Then..I heard about Prince Court as is damn expensive..if u r rich enuf..then go.My friend under Petronas(covered)she delivered at Price Court. Normal without complication at all, almost 10k.Fuih…

September 19th, 2008 | 2:44 pm
A’kum & hi Mommys out there. Just wanted to share my exp. My baby girl now dah 1years old. I bersalin dekat Klinik Umra, which is Pakar bersalin & kanak-kanak. Is located at Seksyen 13, Shah Alam (nearby stadium shah alam).
Dari first check up until bersalin kat situ. I ada asthma, that time very difficult for me. Pregnant + asthma?.. Can u imagine?..
My doc, Umra (Ummul doc perempuan, Rafi doc lelaki) + husband & wife. Both of them very friendly, as my doc, they take care of my asthma is very good. They recommend me specialist for asthma. Now my asthma dah boleh control.
Back to the story. The package start from RM999. Bersalin normal. Still can afford to pay la kan?. My friends bersalin kat klang (private) cost her about RM2500?.. Mahal sgt.. Until dia ckap kat i, boleh bersalin 2kali.. huhuhu..
So, from check up, until i masuk dalam bilik nak tunggu masa, their nurse jaga i dari malam until subuh, sampai i dlm labour room, such a sweet memory. My husband ada, my doc Ummul ada.
1 perkara yg i akan ingat sampai bila2, cara doc Ummul treat i baik sangat. Doc ummul ajar i ayat2 sebelum melahirkan anak. What a such a good doc. Dia pesan, jgn jerit, x elok. Dengan soft spoken, dia ajar i ayat2 Al-quran tu, i ikut until i lupa i dah nak bersalin?..  . My hbby paling seronok sangat coz dia ade kat sebelah i. Dia dengar i baca ayat2 yg doc ajar tu, dia senyum jer.. Then doc ummul suruh my hubby potong tali pusat baby. My hubby said this doc is very good. I dah recommend all my friends to go this clinic Umra. Now my friends pulak yg recomend kat kawan diaorang.

September 22nd, 2008 | 2:17 am
erin, how’s your experience delivering at Seremban GH?
I’m thinking of delivering my 1st baby there.. in about 2 weeks time..
is it OK?

September 23rd, 2008 | 11:54 am
and.. is husband allowed to go in the labour room?

September 23rd, 2008 | 11:59 am
anyone exp delivered in columbia hospital puchong? im planning to deliver there,but i need some feedback first,tq

September 23rd, 2008 | 1:54 pm
Oh so sorry Sonia, dah lama I tak check this site.

Have you delivered your baby?

If you haven’t, then I must say delivery with Paul Tay was very good. He was very cool and he asked the midwife to give me some gas after seeing me in a lot of pain. He won’t touch you unnecessarily, unlike the midwife who did VA for so many times and gave incorrect assessment of my ‘opening’.
He gave correct assessment of my delivery time after checking; he was like “it will be over in 4-5 minutes, honestly” and my baby did came out 4 minutes later.

If I have the opportunity to have him deliver my future baby, I’ll stick to him.

September 24th, 2008 | 12:48 pm
Another thing Sonia – Dr. Paul Tay will refrain from making an episiotomy unless if he thinks that it is really necessary, especially if this is not your first delivery where it should be much smoother than your first delivery.

If you want epidural, feel free to ask, it’s up to us. All the best!

He is cute.
I don’t mind seeing him for weekly check-up instead of monthly check-up hahaha!!

September 24th, 2008 | 1:03 pm
That’s quite expensive considering that you didn’t take epidural and deliver your baby at government hospital.
Compared to Putrajaya, UH gave me epidural with no problem. My baby was clean and the nurse who showed me how to breastfeed was also supportive.
I can’t imagine being in your situation, sakit for 36 hours like me and then kena marah2 pulak. I don’t blame you if you feel serik to deliver again because it took me 3 years + a promise from my husband that I’ll get to deliver at a private hospital before having the next baby.

September 24th, 2008 | 1:15 pm
Needa: Huhu..Then i must make my husband promise too..hehehe..Now I dah start kumpul duit..eventhough i belum pregnant lagi..just getting ready..i’m looking forward to deliver at Sunway or SJMC after this.

Lili: There’s a package for delivery and it starts from RM 1763 – normal vagina delivery. If u take epidural u need to add extra RM 980..By the way..agree with Jess – how many will qualify for the package…If u have Vacuum or forsep..the package is nulled..
Oh ya..just updating you all on the price of KPJ Kajang. My friend had just delivered her baby there..It cost her RM 7k (VIP room 2days+epidural+vacuum)RM3500, baby jaundice warded 2days RM 1000..hmm reasonable jugak..

September 24th, 2008 | 3:13 pm
Eh sory..salah cost RM 4500…
For those yg lost..i’m sory, the package Im talking about is for Columbia Specialist Puchong..

September 24th, 2008 | 3:20 pm
eza u mean uf fren deliver in columbia cost 4500 VIP room 2days+epidural+vacuum)issit? heheh im confused already,how abt the nurse and doctors there? my fren recommend of the gynae there

September 25th, 2008 | 8:41 am
Hi Needa,

Thanks for the info. No, I have not delivered yet! Anyway, I am still pretty calm about it because the people who delivered under Dr. Paul Tay has very good things to say about his style – very supportive and he keeps the mother calm so they don’t ‘freak out’.

I HATE doctors who talk down to mothers and treat us like IDIOTS!

It’s good he does not do routine episiontomies, because I don’t plan to have one unless it is absolutely necessary.

I’m sorry you had to endure all the VAs from the nurses They are normally so rough and unsympathetic. Thank god the doctor does not do it often!

I wanted to ask you, when Dr. Tay broke your water bag, was it PAINFUL????

September 25th, 2008 | 9:26 am
wow moms…what a great story to share i’m going to deliver for my 3rd but still having doubts…1 mth plus away from due date
my 1st @ SJMC yr 2004 for me quite expensive but services excellent with dr delaila…3d+2n vacuum, pain killer plus ephidural and baby warded jaundice 5d…total 5k
2nd last yr c-sec due to high bp (hypertension) shud be at s alam specialist s19, but not enuff facilities so refer to UMMC. so many comlications and hubby not allowed to stay beside due to normal wards (but nurses and food excellent only there was trainess huhu)so hubby fed up and asked to go to SJMC but we’re out of luck so went to HUKM (so traumatic exp). Okay only the nurses kinda rude but docs did impress me so professional and thorough all in all +-3.5k (1k at salam warded to ctrl bp; 500 depo for UMMC and 2k plus for c sec at HUKM non pvt). Now my 3rd this yr (accident) doing check ups still at salam (cos near my house)hopefully no complication because c sec can cos u 4k and i heard the umra i wish i had done a survey before hand
for 1st time mom my advise if u can afford then go to pvt and make sure liase with all the nurses and everything because ur 1st time mom and doesn;t know anything..i was lucky to deliver @ SJMC because they helped me a lot and taught me how to bf everything so my 2nd altho traumatic (imagine after c sec they asked u to take care of bb and do everything  ) ok la just wait for the 3rd and see how..wish me luck

September 25th, 2008 | 10:16 am
Hi Sonia,

Actually, I was in so much pain that I didn’t feel anything when the doctor broke my waterbag. Make no difference at that stage.
(I’m not sure whether this info is helping you or not!!)

This was my first experience delivering baby without epidural – I was like oh my god! But again, try not to scream, take a deep breath and concentrate on pushing.. (yeah and this coming from a woman whom her husband said her eyeballs looked like they were coming out of their socket masa meneran) Hahaha! When I look at my precious baby now, I still feel glad that I pushed and pushed…

September 26th, 2008 | 8:41 am

Way to got, girl!

I mean, we are the one who has to endure all the painful and ugly stuff, not to mention to wake up 3 times at night to breastfeed our baby and basuh berak etc, pendek kata we women do everything for our baby…the only thing that I ask my man to do is to kumpul duir sikit2 to minimmize the risk of meroyan for me and have a happy + no additional stress delivery.
That’s all. I think we all deserve it, if it’s not too much of a burden for the family…

September 26th, 2008 | 8:47 am
Yes I agree with Ieda.

This site is VERY good for first time mothers. If you can afford it, try to go to a private hospital because this is your first time delivering a baby and you need all the help and guidance and support that you can get.

Not to say all government hospitals are bad, but most of the time it depends on your luck. I’d really appreciate if my husband or mother is allowed to be by my side when I’m delivering, and also be allowed to have a proper rest after delivery.
Some nurses suka tunjuk pandai and marah2 us as if we are some spoilt brat, unlike doctors who are very professional and understanding.

September 26th, 2008 | 8:56 am
good info here gals. Likewise, I’m looking for a place for my wife to deiver. she’s suppose to deliver 28 Oct and was referred to a gh but on the checkup day, we were told that no specialist is around. so now I’m scouting for reasonable places. Thinking of going to UMRA in Shah Alam but afraid they might not do c-sect. wife had history of c-sect, vacuum twice and the last one c-sect, so most probably this one c-sect as well. i list down the most probale places;
1) Salam (Shah Alam)
2) DEMC (Shah Alam)
3) Pantai Indah
4) Ampang Puteri
5) UMRA Shah Alam

I’m suppose to see a gynae at Pantai Puteri but he’s oversea until 1st Oct. Will go to Shah Alam next week to seek opinion. Why Shah Alam or Ampang Area? cos there’s no specialist nearby in Tg Malim…

September 26th, 2008 | 7:58 pm
I’m terribly sorry…I confused myself too..Was rushing when I’m writing the post..Let me clarify..
For Columbia Specialist, there’s a delivery package starting from RM 1763 – normal vagina delivery + 4bedded room. If u take epidural u need to add extra RM 980..Thats the price i got for Jan 2008..not very sure if they have increased it recently.If u have Vacuum or forsep..the package is nulled..

That 4500 is the price in KPJ Kajang.(VIP room 2days+epidural+vacuum)RM3500, baby jaundice warded 2days RM 1000..

Hope it helps..I am extremely sorry..

September 27th, 2008 | 9:28 am
hi Art4334
i suggest that if you can afford then you may go to salam and demc..personally i like salam not too crowded (yeah ur paying money how come u q like public haha)plus my current ob dr siti is fantastic and fare ok so far; but also look out from umra i heard they’re so good humm..c sect i think most of pvt can do this

September 30th, 2008 | 1:20 pm
went to Shah Alam yesterday; thought of making one round to see which one my wife prefers but coming out of Guthrie Expressway, naturally UMRA would be the 1st stop. 1 thing led to another, we settled at UMRA after 30 minutes consultation with the doc; had to go again a day before the op to check bp level and order any blood if needed. will write further when the time has passed. BTW, c

49 thoughts on “Survey harga pakej bersalin hospital swasta dan pengalaman

  1. hi to all mommy. I guess im the only father on tis site. Ok juz to share n also seek advice, My 1st baby is delivered at G.H. The service is ok, but some nurse is abit rough n rude. But then my second baby is coming WITH now my 1st kid is only 9 month. My 1st babY gv birth through operation n is not a normal birth. So i need an advice frm tis site, n is it posible that my wife will go through normal birth while my 1st baby is through operation? n i need something to share wit all of ur experience. Im worried now. If posible i want my wife t6 gv a normal birth. N also i need to know, which private hospital is giving the cheap price n also good service, need some recomendation frm tis site pls, Thank you very much.

  2. I delivered at UMRA Shah Alam in July 2010, Service are great. The doc is good and helpful. The doc advise me to do a c sec due to my water bed very2 less left but I request the doc the induce,after induce 2 times and there is nothing happened within the 24 hours So have to go for emergency c-sec.The room also comfortable. My total bill charges rm 38++ ( 4 days 3 nights).

  3. hi..need help..
    im pregnant 27 weeks. this is will be my first baby.
    im so confused where i give birth? fyi, im foreigner(baru move to cyberjaya)
    my husband work at cyberjaya, selangor. i’ve try to call putrajaya hospital, they said, cant!..i didnt have any meeeee

  4. hi moms,

    i hv to kids, both with az zahrah, bangi. my 1st experience, service are great both for checkup and delivery. at that time there is doc zahrah who always around the hospital to check on their service provided and cost charged to patient. but after 3 yrs i went there again for my 2nd bb. unfortunately the service is very bad. nurses are not so friendly as b4 and the bad thing during my delivery, after made payment while waiting my gyne to check , i forgot to bring diapers for my new born. called nurses to help me for new diapers but until check out no one is coming. i dont mind if i need to pay what ever price for only 1 pcs of diaper but i felt so sad with their staff behaviour. in the labour room also all nurses juz chit chat outside of the room. they juz leave me alone with not even i nurse there. not so sure for the 3rd bb whether wanna go there or not.

  5. im 26y n prgnt 9weeks..this is my 1st scared n want arange a gd hosp to give confius want ceaser or scared of pain,doc,hosp n blood..i need suport n advice frm all here..i cant sleep well every nite when i think bout gine birth..i cant morning sickness very bad until emo always change..smetimes hapy,scared,sad,lonely,no mood,cant eat..but if i want to eat,i eat or buy all food..

  6. Hi,

    This is my 1st baby and im planning to deliver my baby at APSH. I heard the doctors there are quite gud, n nurses are friendly too..of course for the money we are paying, they must give us this kind of services. If you have an experience at APSH, pls share with me. TQ.

  7. My wife get bad experience during deliver 10th baby in Klinik Bersalin Yasmin, Manjung. Normal delivery without doctor attending (doctor on call delay) cost about RM2500.

  8. hi, jst 1 2 share wit evryone. my 1’st baby i was deliver at hospital selayang, i’ve took epidural but they take it off the next day instead off right after delivery. its bad i know. but others such as treatment, nurses n doc was ok tho it 3rd class. but there is one nurse ignore me tho i said i feel like to push but she ask me to wait almost 2hrs, after delivery my baby hv a bumb on her head, luckly she didnt sufficated. its cost me only rm70. this one ive a blast experience deliver my second baby @pusrawi damansara. tho the plc not as perfect like other private hospital, but doc zul is mr superb. y i said this b’coz i nearly ceaser due to my baby heart beat are low n only half enggage cant wait little longer its gettin lower n lower. but the doc do his job very well n helping me to push several time n at last my baby enggage n i deliver the baby as normal. the doc very profesional n caring. if i pregnant again i’ll go for the same doc. few of my frenz deliver with da same doc as well, tho its cost me rm2600 including vacum n all extra medication if not it will cost below my baby is 15days old 🙂 so this is my experience, hope to share more with u’ll. good luck 🙂 tq

  9. My due 3hb feb 2010, tp x tau nak deliver kat hospital mana? This is 3rd baby. 1st baby di Johor. 2nd baby at HUKM. Any suggestion? i stay at pantai dalam. I gov, but husband tak boleh masuk dlm labour room ummc. How much cost at umsc?

  10. 1st baby was born @ tawakal hospital in 2009. c-sect, was there for almost 1 week. baby was immature (35 weeks) and i had high blood pressure. total cost for both mummy and baby almost 13K. single room, with 3 doctors came in. quite expensive but satisfied. baby had jaundice, so foto theraphy and incubator are required. m having my 2nd baby next february and still went for monthly checkup @ gynea, dr abdul rahman. with the new building, the cost is much higher. wish it will be normal delivery this time!

  11. i plan nak delivered kat Umsc tapi boleh tak kalau i checkup kat private hospital lain than when almost 6-7month i pergi umsc for room booking etc;?

  12. sentosa medical centre in sentosa klang is the very cheapest price offer only $1400 for normal delivery 2d 1n. If epidural just add $400 only

  13. dear frens,
    any opinion reg delivery at KPJ Kajang , Azzahrah Bangi or Hosp Putrajaya..Planning to go to either these 3 hospitals..tq all:)

  14. hi there..has anybody got experience did C-section at APSH and how much is the cost….if baby got jaundice too…how much is the cost….but i am very sure the service excellent…tq

  15. Umsc is Good.. Dr is good, but masa isteri i bersalin there, lift asyik buat problem.. nurse masa bersalin senior, but lepas tu dikelilingi trainer…

  16. hi all, anyone here got experience deliver bb at prince court?how is the service and how much is the cost?

  17. Dear mommys and daddys

    I’m currently into my 31st week and planning to deliver in Az-Zahrah Bangi. I’ve read comments and experiences from this site however there are no latest comments about Az-Zahrah…
    I did my housemanship in Hospital Putrajaya and had a 4 months experinece working with the O&G department. I am very sorry for mothers yang not satisfied with our service, the thing is they only provide 2 earliest patient for epidural per day, lack of staff to attend each and every mother, but believe me the oncall doctors and night shift nurses rarely have the time to sleep and our eyes are stuck to the monitor that is connected to CTGs on mothers in labour.
    during my HO time in hospital Putrajaya (2008/2009) i’ve even conducted mothers on a wheelchair and labour room corridors because there were a lot of patients and less room..fathers are encouraged to accompany mothers while in labour, bonding occurs right after delivery and breastfeeding starts right after baby cleaned (around 15 minutes or so) and mothers are given hot Milo after the delivery while waiting to breastfeed their baby..the next morning babies are examined by Drs either from the o&g team or paeds team depending on the baby’s condition and mother’s antenatal history

    The reason I dont want to deliver in Hospital Putrajaya is because I dont want my ex boses or my seniors or my juniors or nurses who i have worked with (mostly became my friends) to attend me..haha..the other nearest gov hosp is hosp serdang but i did my practical during student days over there..again there are a few people i know..hehe…so any comments for Az-Zahrah?maybe An Nur? thank you =)

  18. ade sesiape tahu hospital bersalin yg servisnya bagus & harga murah di kuala terengganu? any female gynae? siapa name doc?

  19. Hi everybody…..I want to share my experience delivered … n-Nur….really nice….good service…..price…less RM 1k…..4 bedded….
    I’m govt servant…and already had 2 experience delivered at govt , where I worked…. I was easy type of person when delivered…. My 1st boy I went to hospital 30minutes I delivered…. Alhamdulillah…easy delivery….. Same with the 2nd one….so I just want to try to gave birth at private….I also went for check up at An-Nur…..with Dr Khamsiah….she wS very nice….so I suggest to all to delivere at An-Nur….Insya-Allah…..

  20. Hi everybody…..I want to share my experience delivered … n-Nur….really nice….good service…..price…less RM 1k…..4 bedded….
    I’m govt servant…and already had 2 experience delivered at govt , where I worked…. I was easy type of person when delivered…. My 1st boy I went to hospital 30minutes I delivered…. Alhamdulillah…easy delivery….. Same with the 2nd one….so I just want to try to gave birth at private….I also went for check up at An-Nur…..with Dr Khamsiah….she wS very nice….so I suggest to all to delivere at An-Nur….Insya-Allah… 3rd also..easy….Alhamdullilah….pd I bersalin Di mana2 tu actually bergantung pd nasib kita….if the staff ok….ok….lah….wether govt or private ada baik n buruk nyer…..just the important thing it.depend.pd.our delivery process n staff yg handle kita…wallahualam

  21. sye akan bersalin dlam bulan 4..tpi di hospital swasta umra…mybe sye akan bersalin secara pembedahan sb anak pertama saya pn bersalin secara pembedahan..boleh sye tau agak2 berape cos pembedahan. mase anak pertama sye bersalin di hospital kerajaan. agak2 sape yang tau cos pembedahan.


    1 ) NORMAL DELIVERY – RM999.00 ( medication + nursery + 2 days in hospital)

    2 ) VACUUM – RM1,127.
    ( pakej 2hr 1mlm )


    No.18, Jalan Bola Tampar 13/14,
    Seksyen 13,
    40100 Shah Alam,

    1 ) NORMAL DELIVERY – RM999.00 ( medication + nursery + 2 days in hospital)

    2 ) VACUUM – RM1,127.
    ( pakej 2hr 1mlm )

  24. Anak ke3 & Ke4 saya Bersalin di Hospital Bersalin Razif di Klang secara pembedahan. Pakej untuk pembedahan di sana sangat berpatutan hanya RM 4200 sahaja dimana saya survey tempat lain harga di tempat lain dua kali ganda lebih mahal. Service dan layanan yang diterima sama dengan hospital bertaraf 5 bintang……

  25. saya bakal melhirkan anak 1st x lama lg .. hsptl mne yg ok d sekitar g.buloh??n bpe bajet yg perlu ade?

  26. after 10yrs, saya bakal melahirkn 2nd baby ..1st baby bersalin hosp gomen je..ingt nk rs spital byr lah, err kwn2 disini boleh advs hospital mn yg ok d sekitr sg buloh n brapa bajet nya?

  27. Hi. Has anyone recently experienced delivering their baby at UMMC (gov wing). How is their service now. Is it good? My EDD is sometime in mid of august and was thinking of delivering in UMMC but there seem to be alot of stories going around that the service isn’t great and the nurses are rude. How true is this. Really appreciate if moms out there can share their experience. Many thanks,

  28. Menungu klahiran baby no 2 d ppum.layanan krg bagus trutamany mecy2 yg tggu time nk pncen jea.blagak mcm bagus.ble kte bty jwapan yg d bg cm nk la byk keje sgt dorg nie.anak ptama pun d ppum tp lyanan xde la steruk yg no 2 nie.agakny dorg lgak cz dh dpt bgunana br.spatutny bile dpt yg bru serv.kena la lg bgusssz…bkn nk kondeng sy cume nk lahirkn kekesalan

  29. Hi all! I gave birth to my baby girl on 23rd Nov 2013. At first, I went to PMC for the checkups and all and decided to give birth there too (with the normal delivery package) but unfortunately, my baby decided to stay longer in my tummy.hehe. She almost 2 weeks overdue and the doc said the normal delivery package will be void (dang!).Since the budget exceeded our expectation, in the middle of heavy pregnancy, we decided to search around for another hospital. Govt hospitals wont take me coz i was overdue (they only accept below 36 weeks) and i stumbled to Lourdes Medical Centre in Jalan Ipoh KL. The doc (dr. Alvince) accepted my case and oh my, it is much cheaper. only RM1800 including induce medication( 2 nights stay, nursery care, single bedroom). The c-section cost is cheap too. only rm4000 hidden cost. I t is either you pay 1800 or 4000. no in between. the only downside(or what I call weird) they dont have in house cafeteria service. The nurse will take order from you (what to eat for lunch,dinner,etc) and they will tapau it from the mamak downstairs.haha. Overall, I am happy with the service. but too bad dr. Alvince is not longer there. I am the last patient he treated there in Lourdes. I am sure the price range is more or less the same with other doctor.

  30. I have recently started a blog, the info you offer on this website has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work. “Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body.” by Marcus Tullius Cicero.

  31. as salam.. is anyone delivered at Prince Court hospital by normal deliver? how much was the charges?

  32. As Salam…
    My 1st delivery was at UMMC..with a lowest & cheapest rate..they give me the best treatment.
    I was admitted on 8th Oct 2011 due to my mild bleeding (40weeks pregnancy). After 3 days i deliver my baby with normal+ induce + entonox gas with a single labour room + private toilet. Actually the new building for Kompleks Wanita & kanak-kanak has been launch a few months before my delivery. Thats my lucky day to get a new environment, new facilities & new ante-natal + post-natal ward. The staff & gyne so nice, helpful and kind-hearted. around 2hours after delivery (still in labour room), the staff offered me to eat something bcz they know we are not eating well before delivery.
    I stay about a week because my baby was jaundice for 3days and my son are using 2nos of phototherapy light!.
    Plus, everyday they do blood test for me & my son (thyroid blood test) & as far i know, for thyroid treatment is very expensive. Finally, when i discharge, total cost are only rm1,100++. With RM500 deposit, we just add-on cost not more than RM1k…

    Can u imagine:
    1. 4beded ward (2 separate privacy toilet+bathroom) in each room. The ward is very comfortable & comparable single wards of fully private hospital.
    2. normal delivery with induce + entonox gas
    3. baby was treated in nursery & we just have to feeding our baby.
    4. im doing blood test (thyroid) & jaundice test.
    5. the meal are yummmy & we still can order the menu for every single meal that provide to us.
    6. with the cost rm1,100+ for staying 6 nights is very reasonable & acceptable.

  33. I have bad exprience with ummc.I deliver my baby girl last year in august.being left alone after my baby came out without propper process after being deliver until 1 indian nurse shout about it than the doctor came to close my wound that time.i’ve been in trauma to get pregnant for 2nd time and ummc is not the first place for me to go.

  34. sy bersalin kat UMSC tahun 2010..memang puas hati la..

    yg paling sy x boleh lupe..masa bersalin,bukan husband saya je yg teman kn..mak mertua saya pun teman kn skali..segan jugak dgn MIL..tapi happy sgt tgk muka excited MIL coz dpt tgk sendiri cucu sulung dia di lahirkn..

  35. Salam n afternoon….
    Insyallah sy dijangkan bersalin pada 1/3 2013….nak mintak advise dr u all yg pernah bersalin secara operation….Nak tanya kos terkini hospital purawi jln tun razak dan hospital tawakkal jalan pahang. Tq semua

  36. i bersalinkan my 1st babt kat UMSC in year 2011..emergency c-sect and it cost me rm7k.. layanan dari nurse sangat tip top n Dr i pilih prof zawiah..superb!
    utk 2nd baby i dijangka bersalin pada Oct 2014 ni n still pilih UMSC n Dr yg sama.. cuma not sure the cost for normal n c-sect.. anyone yg bersalin thn ni di UMSC sila2lah share yr kos bersalin kat sana 🙂

  37. Adore they. Would you treatment only print these people and make use of these for daddies day? EVERYONE should consider using a. Much too good to feed upwards!

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